In 2021, GRI is focusing on two initiatives.

Promote the Recovery Research Summit Report and Recommendations and Organize Follow-Up Convenings

GRI with the Fors Marsh Group (FMG) has just released the Recovery Research Summit report, with recommendations for action. A second Recovery Summit focusing on Action Steps is planned for fall 2021.


  1. Convene recovery movement leaders to develop key recommendations as a result of Recovery Research Summit Report observations.
  2. Develop a presentation geared to influencers in the public and private sector.
  3. Seek commitments for inclusion of the summit’s recommendations in the recovery plans of federal, state, and local governments—including AmeriCorps’ Recovery Corps.
  4. Seek targeted publications to review the report.
  5. Present recommendations to national task forces and conferences in the public and private sector.
  6. With FMG, plan additional convenings or summits to further explore the areas delineated in the summit report.

Read / Download the Report (PDF)
Read the Press Release

Advance Recovery Corps

GRI is working with AmeriCorps to develop a staged rollout and timeline for Recovery Corps and develop resources for the private-match funding needed to deploy Recovery Corps members across the country. Recovery Corps members will build the infrastructure and increase the service capacity of community-based non-profits to deliver recovery support services.

Background: Over the past several years, GRI has funded and guided the development of a model Recovery Corps program within AmeriCorps with the Minnesota State AmeriCorps Commission, ServeMinnesota. It was successfully tested in Minnesota and is now ready to deploy to additional states through ServeMinnesota.

ServeMinnesota, with our help, recruited people of all ages to serve in Recovery Corps. The service members were placed in local organizations providing direct services to people in the early phases of their recovery to increase access to services and to strengthen the infrastructure of these organizations. The model engaged 12 different recovery organizations and all Corps members received training, collected data and participated in evaluations of the model.

AmeriCorps Commissions are appointed by the governor in every state. They apply for federal and state funding for each of their corps programs. Once the public money is secured, the state commissions engage local non-profits who would like an AmeriCorps member—in our case, a Recovery Corps member—to serve in their organization. The local organizations are asked to match the public funds needed to support each Corps member for a year of service. Since most existing recovery organizations operate with small budgets, GRI has committed to raising the private match on their behalf.


  1. Work with AmeriCorps and Serve Minnesota to determine a rollout timeline.
  2. Seek targeted publications to review the Recovery Corps model results.
  3. Educate and engage public, private, and pop culture leaders in support of the Recovery Corps Model as a response to COVID.
  4. Engage recovery movement leaders in educating and engaging their membership and followers in recruiting both Recovery Corps Members and sites for placement.
  5. In late 2021, engage the 12 cities that will host the first leg of the national tour of the “Heroin Diaries” musical to include Recovery Corps in their recovery strategies.