Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation

Vision –  Build a sustainable funding vehicle dedicated to funding infrastructure and innovations to empower the recovery community.

Mission – Address the unmet needs of those in recovery from substance abuse disorder.

Purpose – Focus resources and leadership to address, in the mainstream community, the needs of people who are now in recovery and are seeking supports to sustain that recovery.

What We Do:

Educate and activate philanthropic resources both individual and institutional to fund expansion of recovery initiatives.

Initiate the funding of collaborations to address common and unique problems faced by those in recovery.


Convene Opinion Leaders in Think Tanks, Business, Media and Non-Profit industries to educate and activate them to create and support opportunities for people in recovery from addiction and substance abuse disorder and assist in educating the public that sustained recovery is possible and exists.

Fund projects and initiatives in recovery services and advance a social change movement that will break the stigma of addiction.

Serve as a community foundation, raising funds to seed and support effective recovery programs. Build an endowment fund for recovery. Manage and advise donor advised funds for individual and family philanthropy in the field of recovery.

Operate as a resource and philanthropic partner for entrepreneurs and corporations who want to understand the needs of the people in recovery.

Engage global leaders internationally to support and fund Recovery services and initiatives in their countries.

Engage influencers who are in recovery to meet with opinion leaders, Government Leaders and the media to engage and spotlight recovery issues and opportunities for public/private partnerships.