Nikki Sixx's SIXX:A.M. Assembles Rock, Country, Metal All-Stars For a Great Cause Jan M. Brown Named CEO of the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation Better Noise Films releases the first trailer for Sno Babies; A portion of the proceeds will go to GRI Better Noise Music Festival to Benefit the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation Recovery Access Coalition Launches to Advocate for Digital Therapeutics


The Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation (GRI) is the first and only national community foundation dedicated to funding organizations that provide support services for people in early recovery from substance use disorders (SUD).

While recovery is the longest part of the journey and the most critical to ensuring an individual’s continued remission from a SUD, it is the least funded.

In addition to the stigma that surrounds SUD, many myths abound. Among them is that people do not stay recovered when in fact there are large number of people who have succeeded: There are currently 22 million people living in the U.S. in long-term recovery.

GRI’s donors help individuals in early recovery by ensuring that anyone who needs recovery support services has access to them.

GRI supports evidence-based programs that have demonstrated success in:

  • Lowering reuse rates;
  • Reducing the stigma around substance use disorder; and
  • Creating greater access to services and opportunities for people in recovery.

Are relapse & recycling needed for recovery? Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D., co-creator of the Stages of Change model, discusses relapse models, recycling & relapse, how they fit together & the need to rethink the term relapse. #relapse #recovery #addiction

Global Recovery Initiatives is honored to be a part of the Sno Babies movie. Sno Babies premieres Sept. 29th. Proceeds from the movie help to support a person in recovery. #LetsSaveLives

One of GRI’s friends, James, who is student in recovery at The University of Colorado Boulder, shares some insight about the stigma of being substance free in college. Help support a person in recovery.

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