The Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation (GRI) is the first and only national community foundation dedicated to strengthening the infrastructure of support services for those in early recovery from substance use disorders.

We believe that anyone in early recovery who needs support services should be able to get them as we work to:

  • Break the stigma of addiction;
  • Talk openly about recovery; and
  • Fund services that help individuals maintain their recovery.

Recent studies conducted by leading addiction researchers at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania have shown that those who access recovery support services after treatment (e.g., sober housing, coaching, peer support groups and job training) are more likely to stay in recovery than those who don’t. Yet little public funding has been directed toward sustaining recovery—the longest part of the journey.

Without broader support services, national relapse rates will remain between 40% to 60% — even though substance use disorders are treatable, and recovery is possible.

Now is the time to respond.