Cathie Hartnett, Executive Director
Cathie is an entrepreneur and nonprofit executive management consultant in strategic planning, leadership transition and philanthropy. She served on the Board and as CEO of GRI’s legacy organization, The National Youth Recovery Foundation.

Caitlin Carroll, Chief Operating Officer
Caitlin is a 15-year strategic communications leader who has worked with U.S. Members of Congress, Fortune 500 brands such as Dell and GE, and non-profits to develop multi-stakeholder campaigns and initiatives.

Gail Wasserman, Sr. Advisor, Funding Partnerships & Strategy
Gail is 25-year communications and branding veteran. She spent the majority of her career at American Express where she helped manage their reputation during a dynamic time for brands, media and popular culture.

Jan M. Brown, Sr. Coalition Advisor
Jan is the founding/Executive Director of SpiritWorks, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Faces and Voices of Recovery, a former taskforce member of the VA Governor’s Task Force on Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse, and a person in long-term recovery.

John Aguirre, Chief Financial Officer
John is a finance and accounting management professional with over 40 years of experience in a wide array of industries.

Isabelle Lavery, Communications and Social Media Coordinator
Isabelle is a social media and communications specialist in long term recovery. She has worked in the recovery and mental health field doing communication outreach, social media management and event planning for more than three years.

Sabrina Shapolsky, Administrative Assistant
Sabrina is a project manager in long term recovery with six years of experience working on business administration and marketing efforts for notable lifestyle brands such as the Soho House and celebrity clients.